In many respects, traditional forms of advertising are sinking which means that consumers are taking less notice or losing interest entirely. Which is why it makes good business sense to choose an agency that isn’t afraid of exploring uncharted territory; an agency that goes the extra mile to uncover unusual ways in which to communicate with consumers.

We take great pride in the work that we do. We see opportunities and respond quickly. We deliver on time and we hold ourselves accountable for every piece of communication that we create. It’s our way of taking ownership and by positioning ourselves as brand custodians; we see truth in the Japanese philosophy of involvement equals commitment

Meet Our Team, Our Gurus.

At RDP DESIGNS, you’ll find a team of enthusiastic, highly energetic and motivated communications experts. We’re passionate about campaigns that are born out of values, feelings and emotions.

We Believe, that building a brand can easily be compared to a long journey. It takes time, patience and planning. We believe in creating campaigns that strike a personal chord with our audience; campaigns that are relevant.

Renier Du Preez
Renier Du PreezArt Director
With over 28 years experience, working with small local companies and government departments. Specialist in areas like logo design, brochures, business cards, annual reports and many more.
Graphic Design 95%
Website Design 90%
David Whittaker
David WhittakerWeb Developer
App development, web development, e-commerce and programmer. Passionate, dedicated and prepared to manage a diverse set of projects. Striving to achieve the highest levels of brand support.
WordPress 96%
Problem Solving 100%
Doron Hanan
Doron HananSales Manager
Skilled in leading sales teams to penetrate new markets with latest IT products to achieve sales goals. Establishing database systems, recruitment and developing sales and marketing strategies.
Business Strategy 95%
Marketing Strategy 91%

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